5 Tips to Build a Successful Business

Launching a new business or sustaining a current one can be down right ruthless. As an entrepreneur you are responsible for determining what products/services you will offer, how you will market them to your core customers, who your core customers are… It’s a lot to wrap your head around. Someone once told me that I worked as if I had a chip on my shoulder. And in a lot of ways, they were right. I’ve worked extremely hard to get where I am today, and often with little to no support from the very people that I spent several hours of my day with. It’s less important for me to focus on that, and more important that I focus on being authentic and showing up as the best version of myself every single day. Several things have contributed to my success, but these are the top 5 that have helped me focus on building my brand and my business.

Trust Your Gut

If it keeps you up at night and you get excited every time you think about it… You should give it some serious thought and put pen to paper. Begin by jotting down your initial thoughts and ideas, then spend some time defining each of those ideas. Believe in yourself and believe that you have been given all of the tools, resources and education that you need to get started. Everything that you need is right in front of you waiting to be utilized, and if you don’t have it, but need it… trust that it will be provided to you at the right time.

Anticipate Hearing the Word No

My industry is male-dominated and extremely competitive; and I have been told “no” more times that I can begin to recount. I’ve been told that I can’t teach a particular class/format because I don’t fit the image. I’ve been told I can’t train male clients because I’m a woman [3/4 of my clients are male… just going to leave that right there]. I’ve been told that I can’t speak at fitness conferences because I don’t have a degree in Exercise Science [I’ve spoken at 11 to date, and I plan on speaking at more]. These people intended to tell me “no”, but I heard was work harder and study longer to prove them wrong. Only you know what you are truly capable of, and it’s up to you to show the rest of us.

Always Be A Student

I truly believe that the best leaders and instructors are always learning. And not just from a text book, but from their peers. If you are the smartest person at your table, you’re sitting in the wrong seat. What exactly does this mean? It means always be open and humble enough to receive from those around you. The moment you become unteachable is the moment your career will take a nosedive.

Step Outside of the Box

Creating a business requires one set of skills. Sustaining your business requires a whole other set of skills, coupled with creativity and out of the box thinking in order for your business to stand out in a sea of entrepreneurs. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, so to speak but you do need to put your spin on it and create a different way to deliver that information. Lastly, always show up with a plan, but remain flexible and be willing to modify your plans.

Follow Your Path, Not Someone Else’s

Simply put… Stay in your lane. If you follow YOUR path, and YOUR calling you will never have to worry about competing for business or clientele because what the universe has for you, is for you and no one else. No one is you and that is your defining factor. No one can do what you can do, better than you can do it.