I Fight Myself Daily

I literally stumbled across this photo on Instagram and wound up staring at it for what seemed like several minutes. It gave me pause and made me reflect on what it is that I am fighting for daily. And are those things aiding me in my journey to becoming my best self, or are they hindering my growth and stopping me in tracks?

Sometimes it’s a worthwhile fight that forces you out of your comfort zone, or challenges you to expand your horizons to include a perspective that you’ve never considered before. Other times you find yourself battling against your own self-doubt and insecurities, and you begin to pick apart every aspect of your life looking for something that doesn’t exist.

Each of these phases are equally humbling. One shakes your foundation to see how sturdy it truly is, and grants you the opportunity to obtain the tools and resources you need to catapult you to the next level. The other is an internal battle that requires you to lean on the people seated at your table in order to rebuild.

We have to fight through some bad days to earn the best days of our lives. There are moments when it can feel like we are fighting more than we are living, but just remember that God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers. There is nothing in life that you are not equipped to handle. Keep standing, keep believing and keep fighting.